Bryn Kenney defends himself against cheating allegations

Bryn Kenney defends himself against cheating allegations

He spoke to Sarah Herring of PokerNews for more than an hour to defend himself against the allegations and share his side of the story.

Herring made a extremely important caveat identified just before the interview which was that she had been a friend of Kenney’s for more than a decade and also that she was not particularly familiar with some of the topic matter such as RTA and why an app like TeamViewer could be utilised for cheating purposes.&nbsp

She did bring up all of the major allegations against Kenney including encouraging horses to softplay in satellites, RTA use, playing on Lauren Roberts account, ghosting and whether or not he could see the screens of horses.&nbsp

What followed was what seemed like a lot of filibustering and grandstanding from Kenney. He often redirected the conversation, avoiding straight answering a lot of questions and took lots of possibilities to praise himself in the method.&nbsp

Some in poker circles have been perplexed that a ten year pal of Kenney’s was the one to interview him, specifically one particular with no an inside understanding of the subjects getting discussed. Realistically this was probably the only interview Kenney was going to give, it would have been a considerably more uncomfortable expertise had it been with somebody like Doug Polk, Joe Ingram or Matt Berkey who had looked at the allegations in detail. It was a difficult assignment for Herring and the only genuine criticism was that she did not push back on Kenney sufficient when he avoided answering direct questions.&nbsp

Speaking of which, Polk, Ingram and Berkey all released videos where they broke down the interview afterwards:

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