€2.5M assured in the iPoker Festival Winter

€2.5M assured in the iPoker Festival Winter

In Winter, there’s often one thing particular in shop at iPoker where we’re once once more becoming treated to another large festival schedule with a specific tournament series, delivering a total guaranteed prize pool of €2.5 million.

The iPoker Festival Winter Edition is bringing us 111 exclusive events from December 3 till December 12, with at least ten tourneys scheduled every single day and buy-ins ranging from just €20 for the lowest all the way up to €1,000 for the highest.

As in their May possibly Poker Series run earlier this year, the Winter Festival is coming along with a mix of classic Hold’em, Six Plus and PLO tournaments as properly as PKOs and, as an additional 1st timer in the iPoker network, the Very best Stack Forward function in the Flighted tournaments of the series.

Best Stack Forward in the iPoker Festival

best stack forward ipoker
How enormous will your stack be on Day two?

This feature allows players to play multiple Day 1s even right after qualifying for Day two of an event with numerous beginning days to enhance their probabilities to bring a larger stack into the second tournament day, forfeiting any smaller prior stack.

For instance, Player XYZ decides to play Day 1A of a offered occasion and qualifies for Day 2 with a stack of 6BB. He then proceeds to give it another shot in Day 1B and is capable to progress with a stack of 35BB. Player XYZ will now continue Day 2 of the tournament with that 35BB stack and they 6BB stack of Day 1A will be forfeited.

This feature comes in very handy for the upcoming series as there will be 4 huge flighted events scheduled, coming with a combined prize pool of at least €850,000, which includes a massive €500,000 Primary Event with a total of 13 various starting days, giving player plenty of possibility to get that big stack into the all-decisive second tournament day.

€1M Festival Finale on December 12

With a rich schedule inside ten days, including a total of five tournaments with a €100K GTD, naturally the selection in the greatest events of the iPoker Festival Winter is due on the last day of the series.

With the €500,000 Major Event as well as the €150.000 Principal Occasion reaching their conclusion with Day two as properly as two €100,000 events added to the mix, Sunday, December 12 is going to bring us a total of more than €1,000,000 in prizes on this day alone!

  • iPoker Festival Winter 97 – €15,000 GTD – €20 – PKO
  • iPoker Festival Winter 98 – €10,000 GTD – €50 – PLO PKO
  • iPoker Festival Winter 99 – €15,000 GTD – €20 – PKO
  • iPoker Festival Winter 100 – €10,000 GTD – €50
  • iPoker Festival Winter 101 – €25,000 GTD – €50 – PKO
  • iPoker Festival Winter 102 Day 2 – €150,000 GTD – €50
  • iPoker Festival Winter 103 – €30,000 GTD – €100
  • iPoker Festival Winter 104 – €100,000 GTD – €100 – PKO
  • iPoker Festival Winter 105 Day 2 – €500,000 GTD – €200
  • iPoker Festival Winter 106 – €20,000 GTD – €200
  • iPoker Festival Winter 107 – €100,000 GTD – €1,000 – PKO
  • iPoker Festival Winter 108 – €20,000 GTD – €50
  • iPoker Festival Winter 109 – €15,000 GTD – €20 – PKO
  • iPoker Festival Winter 110 – €10,000 GTD – €50 – PKO
  • iPoker Festival Winter 111 – €5,000 GTD – €20 – PKO

IPF Satellites and Freeroll Missions

Throughout the series, chosen iPoker partners participating are providing special missions that can net players a ticket to 1 of three freerolls on December 13, each and every a single coming with a prize pool of €1,000. The missions revolve around the series itself and carry tasks like playing a particular quantity of iPoker Festival Winters or knocking out players in the PKO events of the series.

Lastly, there is of course also a vast schedule of satellites scheduled that will be offered throughout the complete series for players hunting to qualify for a fraction of the price with acquire-ins ranging from €1 to €50.

ipoker festival winter edition

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