Hellmuth makes his annual grand entrance

Hellmuth tends to make his annual grand entrance

There are a handful of items that seem inevitable at the WSOP and these are a Hellmuth blow up, a Hellmuth bracelet win and, of course, a theatrical Phil Hellmuth entrance on Day 1 of the Primary Event.&nbsp

This year he opted to go as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, alongside Daniel Cates who was also dressed up and 16 models, each of whom presumably represented one of his 16 bracelet wins.&nbsp

If you are new to the game, Phil does this every year and has previously come dressed as Thor, Julius Caesar, a boxer, Basic Patton and a NASCAR driver. Provided that everyone else in Vegas is mandated to put on masks this year in the halls and between the tables of the WSOP, he missed a trick not wearing a costume that also doubled as a mask.

Phil survived Day 1F with 94,500 chips going into Day 2CEF tonight.

Day two and Day 1 took spot with each other

6,360 players have entered the Primary Event so far

1,045 players entered the final, final minute added, Day 1F flight of the Principal Event with 782 remaining. Yesterday was a unique moment in Primary Occasion history as Day 2ABD took location at the exact same time, with 145 players opting to late register direct into that flight rather.

At the time of writing six,360 players have entered the Main Occasion with four,702 nevertheless in the hunt. We will not know, nevertheless, the full field or prize pool until late tonight as some players will nonetheless be late registering today at the begin of Day 2CEF, despite the fact that that number is most likely fairly small.&nbsp

Correct now the man to beat in the Primary Occasion is Rameez Shahid who bagged 731,700 chips at the finish of Day 2ABD. Notables with massive stacks include Nick Petrangelo, David Williams, Anton Wigg, Mustapha Kanit and Jason Koon.

Who must Hellmuth go as next year? Let us know in the comments:

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