How to Play 3 Card Poker at a Casino

So you want to know how to play 3 card poker at a casino. Don’t worry; this is not the most difficult of topics but it’s one that people are unsure about, so let’s explore this for just a minute.

how to play 3 card poker at a casino

First of all, understand that when you are at a casino you don’t play the classic casino game where you play three card poker with the dealer sitting behind a table. In fact, there are three different versions of this game, so we will talk about the more popular versions first. There are, of course, versions you can play at home with a bunch of cards, and there are versions you can play in casinos with their own unique set of rules.

The first version you can play at home is called ante poker, and it’s the version of poker that we are all used to. In ante poker you do the same thing as in a standard three-card poker hand. You lay out your cards face down on the table and get dealt another hand. Then you do the same thing again with the cards face up and get dealt a new hand.

This is known as playing a hand in one and this is usually a standard no-limit Texas Hold’em version where you place bets on what you see in the cards or where you see in the pot. There are plenty of variations to this kind of game, but we will stick to the most common ones here.

The second version of poker you can play at a casino is called “straight poker” and is just like “straight up” poker except the bet is on which way the dealer is leaning when you lay out your cards. Now you get two hands to lay out, which will be: the hand where you played straight up, and the hand you laid out straight up.

Straight up poker is also known as Texas Hold’em hybrid poker, because it is usually played with a mixture of straight up poker and Texas Hold’em. This also includes “three card poker” where you have to re-lay out the top two cards, then you lay out the third. You then get to lay out a fourth hand if you are holding five or more.

Finally, you can play a three card poker version at a casino called “Three Card Poker”. This is a game that is based around the same principles as “straight up” poker except that there are three cards instead of two and you have to win the pot before your opponents.

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