Phil Hellmuth Apologizes For WSOP Final Table Rant, Suffers No Repercussions

Phil Hellmuth Apologizes For WSOP Final Table Rant, Suffers No Repercussions

PokerGo/Mark Gorman

The world of tournament poker typically appears to have 1 set of guidelines for large name pros, and yet another set for absolutely everyone else. That was on complete show when it comes to Phil Hellmuth’s behavior at the 2021 World Series of Poker this week.

Upon losing a bracelet opportunity on Monday, Hellmuth went on a profanity-laden rant on live stream. He has repeatedly apologized for it on Twitter. WSOP hasn’t imposed any consequences on him, nevertheless, and recreational players likely will not be afforded the same luxury. Swearing can get you a warning or a a single-round penalty. Some of what Hellmuth mentioned could have, for yet another player, resulted in a disqualification or even a lifetime ban.

Hellmuth admits on Twitter that he created threats to burn down the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, where the series is taking location. He insists that his comments, which had been cut from the final table video, had been a joke:

“This is a joke: I’m afraid I’ll get referred to as out for it: if I don’t win, I will burn the location down.”

The rant came after Hellmuth, initially a chip leader, lost a huge portion of his stack to Anthony Zinno at the final table. Hellmuth, who was chasing a 16th bracelet to add to his record, at some point busted in fourth, two hours later.

Let Hellmuth be Hellmuth?

Meanwhile, the 57-year-old “Poker Brat” with more than $25 million in live earnings, according to the Hendon Mob database, is largely getting wink-wink, nudge-nudge attention from his fans. The video PokerGO posted yesterday on YouTube of his Monday rant had racked up 114,085 views on YouTube as of this morning. PokerGO is reside-streaming the tournament.

PokerGo itself sounded excited about Hellmuth’s behavior, with this summary below the video:

“Phil Hellmuth had a opportunity to win his 16th WSOP Bracelet at the $ten,000 Seven Card Stud final table but boy did that go wrong! This may be the largest meltdown you will ever see out of the Poker Brat!”

So late author Nat Hentoff‘s 1992 book title is possibly more apt: Totally free Speech for Me — But Not for Thee.

WSOP officials didn’t immediately respond to On the internet Poker Report‘s request for comment these days about Hellmuth and the 2021 WSOP Official Tournament Guidelines.

40 profanities, but who’s counting?

PokerGO bleeps most of Hellmuth’s language from the YouTube video, but it’s clear in context that most of the censored words are the “F-bomb” or variations thereof.

OPR counted 40 bleeped words, with a clear video edit cutting out portion of the play. Hellmuth also tweeted that his “joke” was cut out of the video.

A dozen of Hellmuth’s profanities came prior to he even began the major rant that’s been the concentrate of focus on social media and poker blogs.

That episode lasted about two minutes and involved the other 28 bleeped words.

“Listen, motherf–ker,” Hellmuth says to Zinno.

Then Hellmuth mostly complains about Zinno’s hand and how much money he’s losing by becoming elimintated. Hellmuth then gets up and leaves the table.

Meanwhile, the dealer is answering a player’s question:

“It goes reside.”

When the video cuts back in, Hellmuth is back at the table.

Zinno in the end won the tournament, collecting $182,872 and his third bracelet.

Hellmuth apologizes, then gets back to company

Hellmuth repeatedly tweets comments like this one from yesterday:

“I apologize for going too far last evening.”

At a single point, the poker pro appears to passive-aggressively blame others for his behavior:

“My rant was out of line. I have been encouraged by numerous to be the ‘Poker Brat,’ but I went also far.”

Hellmuth retweeted sentiment from former fan,&[email protected]:

“@phil_hellmuth [F–k] you Phil. I supported you and now feel like a chump soon after watching your [bulls–t] yesterday. If I said half of what you did, I’d be banned for life. [F–k] you. Entitled [pr–k] …”

After that, though, Hellmuth quote-reweeted an admirer, @Jason:

“Allow me to introduce myself, my name is …”

“PokerGo demands to give @phil_hellmuth $10k per blowup [YouTube link]”

The video to which angel investor Jason Calacanis linked was Hellmuth talking himself up to other players just before his loss.

Late Tuesday night,&[email protected] tweets to Hellmuth:

“@phil_hellmuth What tournament(s) do you have your eyes on subsequent? Us fans would like to know which ones you will likely be competing in …. and then likely final tabling in [Cash-mouth face]”

Hellmuth replies:

“Taking the day off nowadays. My current plan is to play tomorrow in either the $1,000 NoLimHoldem at three PMish (11 AM commence) OR the @WSOP $1,500 acquire in HORSE at six PM (starts at three PM). The $1K is appealing due to the fact it is NLH, it is a 2 day tourney, and I’ve won a bunch of NLH tourneys”

What do the 2021 WSOP tournament guidelines say?

The 2021 WSOP Official Tournament Guidelines are 31 pages extended and cover every thing down to player hygiene.

Reading via them, it seems as even though Hellmuth violated Guidelines 40, 46, 47 and 48.

These study, in element:

  • All Participants are entitled to anticipate civility and courtesy from one an additional at each table and throughout the WSOP location.
  • Rio prohibits the use of obscene or foul language in any public location of the casino at any time.
  • Any Participant who taunts another Participant by way of theatrics or gestures or engages in any kind of inappropriate behavior intended to disrupt other Participants in an Event will be subject to penalty.
  • Participant or employees abuse will not be tolerated.

Regarding that last rule, Hellmuth did throw his cards in disgust. However, he claims that he didn’t intend to throw them at the dealer, merely onto the table.

Tournament officials have a huge amount of discretion in how they apply the rules. Swearing at the table typically only elicits a warning from floor employees. Nonetheless, outrageous behavior like Hellmuth’s would, for most other players, result in at least a a single-round penalty. Hellmuth gets away with a lot in part because his opponents and the tournament staff are utilized to it.

Even harsher penalties are achievable, but uncommon when it comes to verbal misbehavior.

The final time the WSOP took spot in person was 2019. Poker player Ken Strauss was ejected from that series after he exposed himself and threw a shoe at a dealer.

The only time in current memory a player of Hellmuth’s stature has received a disqualification from a major tournament was Antonio Esfandiari at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Principal Occasion. He had urinated into a bottle at the table to keep away from a trip to the bathroom, on account of a proposition bet.

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