Was Lococo’s contact a enormous ICM punt?

Was Lococo’s get in touch with a huge ICM punt?

A lot of people have asked me about the big hand that saw chip leader Koray Aldemir bust 2nd in chips Alejandro Lococo from the Primary Event in 7th place. Was it the biggest ‘ICM Punt’ we have observed in the Principal Occasion?

If you missed the hand, right here it is. On a river of J J 9 8 3 Aldemir puts Lococo all-in with 9 9. Perhaps the most surprising issue of all is how quickly Lococo calls with just T T.

What produced this such a surprising hand is the reality that Lococo was 2nd in chips at the time. The ICM stress on him was immense, he could very easily have folded, waited for a greater spot and laddered a couple of page jumps although he did.&nbsp

So how bad was it? Let’s very first appear at how the chips of the players stood just before the hand started, as well as what the official payout would have been if they maintained their position:

Player Chips Potential Prize
Koray Aldemir 139,800,000 $8,000,000
Alejandro Lococo 67,000,000 $4,300,000
George Holmes 63,800,000 $three,000,000
Joshua Remito 58,400,000 $two,300,000
Hye Park 33,200,000 $1,800,000
Jack Oliver 28,300,000 $1,400,000
Ozgur Secilmis eight,800,000 $1,225,000

Looking at the totally free equity calculator at ICMIZER three you can swiftly function out the equities of every single player (Aledmir is Seat 1, Lococo is Seat 2):


Onto the hand and by the river there was 90,400,000 in the middle, Lococo had 46,one hundred,000 behind and Aldemir place him all in. If Lococo had folded at this point these would have been the new equities:


His new equity would be $3,022,820, down from $3,559,763.&nbsp

If he called and lost his equity becomes $1,225,000 (the 7th location prize). If he calls and wins the new equites appears like this:


He now has $4,832,280.67 in equity.

To function out the actual equity he required to make the call we have to do a Bubble Factor calculation, which appears like this.&nbsp

Equity risked/equity gained = Bubble Aspect

Bubble Element/Bubble Aspect+1 = required breakeven equity

In this instance he is risking $1,797,820 in equity ($3,022,820 minus the assured $1,225,000) to acquire $1,809,460 in equity (His new $four,832,280 equity minus $3,022,820).&nbsp

1,797,820/1,809,460 = .99

.99/1.99 = 50%

He requirements 50% equity to call. That sounds like he can call actually wide and it would be if this had been a preflop selection, but don’t forget he is obtaining essentially two-1 on his contact post flop (it was a pot size bet by the river) and much more importantly the ranges have really narrowed at this point.&nbsp

You’ll have to forgive me, I typically would look this hand up in PIOSolver but I am currently in Vegas so I am winging the ranges a little. With out ICM for Aldemir to be balanced with a pot size bet he requirements two worth hands for each bluff. Edit: As Isaac Haxton pointed out to me after publishing, he truly needs one bluff for each and every value bet simply because of the close to 1:1 ICM ratio rather than pot odds.

Either way, assuming these ranges are split a small with other actions, the betting range may look like this:


All the Jx are value, the full houses are clearly and QT is for the straight. The bluffs are hands with Tx/8x in them because they block straights/boats. Then you have ‘merge’ sort hands that are a little of both like T9s.&nbsp

In this instance, Lococo has 40% equity against that range, which is a far cry from what he wants to get in touch with here.&nbsp

It is quite straightforward for us to sit in our armchairs and lament the call. There is even a logic to it offered he has two blockers to the nut straight, TT might be a greater get in touch with than AA, for example. We have no concept of the preceding history and reads that were in play at the time.&nbsp

But with so significantly cash on the line and so considerably ICM stress simply because he was 2nd in chips at the time, in hindsight with 20/20 vision this appears like an simple fold. Nonetheless, this might be a excellent get in touch with in the context of winning the Principal Occasion is worth far more to him than laddering. The endorsements that could come with becoming the 2nd Argentinian Principal Event champion could be a lot more than the equity he risked, for instance. He might have also decided that taking a slighly minus EV line was his ideal shot at overtaking Aldemir, who has a significant talent edge more than the table.&nbsp

Like all issues in poker, it depends.&nbsp

Dara O’Kearney’s new book Endgame Poker Technique: The ICM Book is out now.&nbsp

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