What are the odds on this taking place?

What are the odds on this taking place?

Our excellent pal Mantelo is normally posting massive wins, but when he posts his losses they nonetheless deliver.

What are the odds on this? Obtaining dealt Aces on each final tables at the identical time, and getting them cracked by the Identical opponent on each tables? Please tell us how this occurs?

Please tell us the odds on this

Of course if you are a PLO player you have noticed much scarier stuff. This week ghaleon posted a hand where he got it in on the turn behind, but nevertheless a 57.50% favourite. You do not see that in No Limit.&nbsp

Congrats to our grinder&nbspMaciekmax &nbspwho turned an early morning commence into $six,357 payday in an MTT. Not poor thinking about his challenge was in cash games.&nbsp

Struggling for motivation? Discovering it challenging to put in volume? Effectively do not study the weblog of&nbspKostja007. He was pretty down on himself as he hasn’t put a lot volume in simply because he was moving home. Yeah, he ONLY played 31,000 hands this week….

Finally, an additional one of our members is generating their Bankroll Challenge an audio/visual point. Excellent function&nbspLahtiPelican&nbspwho has created a video of him playing for your feedback:

The Bankroll Challenge final results so far

We have had lots of movement in our initial couple of weeks of Bankroll Challenging, but in distinct we have to say ‘good luck’ to&nbspmegabarsuk911 who is already 96% of the way through their challenge. Could subsequent week be their week?

What is the Bankroll Challenge?

Build your Bankroll - reach a goal!

In the Bankroll Challenge we encourage our members to get greater by blogging about their poker journey and setting some ambitious goals.&nbsp

Our members located that obtaining a blog kept them accountable to their ambitions and it is a wonderful way to support them get to know their fellow PokerStrategists. As the saying goes ‘what gets measured, gets managed’ and simply getting a weblog keeps you on your A-Game.&nbsp

To aid you on your journey and with a little bit of luck you can win $100 that we will raffle as soon as a month among our active bloggers, regardless of exactly where they play, accompanied by a special badge for their forum avatar for anybody succeeding in their very first Bankroll Challenge.

How to join the Bankroll Challenge

The challenge is open to all PokerStrategists and you do not require to be tracked to us to participate. All you want to do is:

  • Start a blog in our forum.
  • State your beginning bankroll, your typical stakes/games and your poker area in the very first post.
  • Set a lengthy term bankroll objective of at least $500 and/or a minimum of 5 times your beginning bankroll.
  • Sign-up to the Bankroll Challenge in our registration thread, with a hyperlink to your personal blog, your initial bankroll and your aim.
  • Post at least as soon as a week in your blog.

As soon as a month we will raffle $one hundred among all eligble PokerStrategists participating in the Bankroll Challenge regardless of where you play.

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