Doug Polk, Brad Owen Go For Broke Playing Seven-Deuce Game On Lodge Live

Doug Polk, Brad Owen Go For Broke Playing Seven-Deuce Game On Lodge Live

Doug Polk, Brad Owen, and Andrew Neeme kept it loose on the latest The Lodge livestream.

They say “fortune favors the brave.” That phrase is truly put to the test when playing the Seven-Deuce game at a high-stakes cash game table. But that is exactly what went down in the most current episode of The Lodge Live, the livestream from the Austin, TX card room that recently added Doug Polk, Andrew Neeme, and Brad Owen as co-owners.

As a element of Monster Meet Up Week at The Lodge, the 3 poker YouTube stars took a seat in a reside-streamed $5/$ten/$25 No Limit Hold’em game. The Texas action, as advertised, was wild, and only adding to the stakes was the iconic Seven-Deuce game.

The rules: whoever wins a hand (regardless of whether by folding every person out or by showdown) with seven-deuce wins $100 from each and every player plus an added $one hundred from the final player to fold. It is a side-action favorite among many residence games and not also usually do you get to see these dynamics play out on a livestream. In many instances right here, it actually changed the game.

So, in the midst of an action-packed stream, we pulled (almost) each instance exactly where somebody attempted to get away with a single and bluff out the opposition with seven-deuce. Some in which bravery brought fortune…and a couple exactly where it didn’t.

Doug Does The Polka

Polk had the very first chance of the evening to make one thing come about with seven-deuce and he wasn’t going to pass it up.

Owen Tends to make A Big Move

A similar situation went down when Brad Owen attempted to make a move on ‘Poker Traveller’ only this time, Ceddy Travino was a small more reluctant to get out of the way.

Polk Gets Pushed Out

Polk picked up the seven-deuce once more and was a lot more than prepared to place some income in the pot nevertheless often following through with a big bluff just isn’t in the cards.

Bluffing With The Ideal Hand

It is a uncommon occasion when you are trying to choose up the seven-deuce bounty and you are in fact holding the greatest hand.

E Tends to make It Look Straightforward

‘E’ goes for back-to-back seven-deuce bounties and shows off that often all you want to do it play it straight.

Any Two Will Do

‘Poker Traveler’ had the most encounters with seven-deuce, twice he needed to defend against it. So when he was the a single holding it, he wasn’t about to let it go even when faced with an all-in.

The Lodge Live has events and livestreams taking place all the time. If you want to verify out the rest of the action from this 5-hour stream. Watch it appropriate right here:

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