How to Play Poker in 3-Card Hands

3 card poker how to play

How to Play Poker in 3-Card Hands

I have included a ‘how to play poker’ video tutorial in order to teach you the basic poker techniques, but I also want to teach you how to play the game properly. I am an optimist, and I have always believed that those who are successful are those who have learnt the secrets and tricks to the game. I believe that by becoming really knowledgeable, your odds of winning or being the ‘best’ at the game would dramatically increase. This is why I felt I needed to teach you how to play poker properly.

In order to play the game, you need to learn how to deal cards to your opponents. Your opponents will be dealt hands, so that will be your first step. You have two hands, so you have two opponents. In the next step, you have a five-card hand, two face cards and one other card.

The fifth card in your hand will be face up, and you will keep a face down card in reserve. The face up card is an ‘x’s’ card. If you see an opponent and feel that you can hit a hand on the following turn, then you can put it down as an ‘x’s’ card.

You are the ‘straight card’, so you play off the straight ‘square’ of the dealer. That means that the top of the right-hand side of the card is the top of the square of the ‘seven’, so you should arrange your hands accordingly. It is the opposite of playing straight on a one-card hand, as the pair of cards would have been dealt to the right, and the top of the player’s seven-card hand would be the top of the two remaining cards.

The cards are dealt to the top of the ‘seven’ face up, and then the ‘s’ is dealt to the two right hands, and the ‘7’ face up. The player on the left chooses a card and then one-by-one the cards are dealt to the left, face up, and then dealt to the remaining players.

The best hand on each face down will then be ‘found’, meaning that the face down card is discarded, and you can choose another card. Once you are certain of the winner, you must choose a new card to play.

Now, after your first winnings and after winning your first cash, you must now learn how to play in a three-card hands, because three card hands will always be quicker than a five card hand. You may find that it is hard to get the hang of it at first, because the game is more difficult than a two card hand. However, you need to understand that three-card hands are much more difficult than a five card hand. And, in time, you will become extremely familiar with the game, and as a result, you will have increased your chances of winning.

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